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Need of Assistance, Internet! :D

This is my living room.

Once, before my sister had a child, we had a pretty decent living room set.Well, that child, named Noah, ruined our entire set by throwing up all over them several times. Couldn't quite get the stench out.

Having no money kind of means no new furniture for us.

But, then, facebook pulls through with a possible answer!

Gallery Furniture is having a contest on their FB page where you upload a picture of your (lacking) living room in hopes of having the most likes. If you do by Sunday December 12, you win a new set! So...yes, I am asking a favor to you tumblr!

All I need you to do is login to facebook and "like" Gallery Furniture. Then, "like" the picture of my living room.

That's all.

I would really appreciate it, because this would pretty much be the best Christmas present for my Mother, ever.

Giru - Satoshi Ohohoho

Mental Health Day

I didn't come to school yesterday. Just one of those weekends where I feel like I didn't get enough done, and having to be at acdec so early in the morning was going to break me.

So I stayed home and cleaned and hung out with my sisters and worked out and got my hair cut.
We also went to resell some clothes at Plato's Closet, which we found out sucked and they only took two shirts, and only gave me $4.00 for them. e_e Waste of gas!!


All in all, it was really relaxing and I really needed it. Yay!

I also bought this awesome jacket on Sunday!

It looks way big here, but thats just because its on my chair. It fits perfectly. :3 ($10)

Among other things!

Again, looks big, but fits perfectly. :3 ($12)

This cute cute cute beany that I will wear when I can't bother with my hair. :3 (I look kind of ghetto though bwhahahaa.) ($3)

I need accessories! So I got these at Aeropostle for $12. :P I think these were the most expensive things I got. Hahaha!

My new favorite pair of earrings. They came with another pair of purple flowers that I like a lot, too. ($4)

Cute little compact so that I don't have to use my ipod when I'm putting on my make up anymore. :3 ($3.50)

Either way, I had an awesome shopping day on Sunday.
(Everything on clearence at Hot Topic was 50%off. Just FYI.)

When I should have been at an Academic Decathlon meeting.

But whatever, I was tired and I couldn't make myself do it.

Which reminds me that AcDec state is next weekend. ;_;
DEATH TO ACDEC. Stupid thing better get me scholarships or something.

Jerny bought me a box of chocolates! :D Weeeeh!!!

Did I mention I went on a date with Gentry? I did. It was nice.
He's pretty cute. :3

Arrrrgh, Sid has completly disregarded me. ;_;
And he's my prom date, so this kind of, you know, upsets me. HAhahahaa.
Oh well. I'm sure we'll have fun!

Little Foot - CUTE

Stuff is Amazing!

So, I am back from my first real Academic Decathlon meet, which may or may not be my last.

It was actually a lot of fun!!!

We at first went to Ihop where we criticized our teachers and talked about the upcoming day.
I had the split decision and ate almost everything on my plate. Jesus. XD

Getting to Santa Fe:

Raping Daniel.

Me and Benji--I look gigantic. xD

After we got there, we did the first segment of the competition--essay! Pretty average essay on my part, though I really did try. (I think I got a 720 or so out of a 1000.)

After essay we had about an four hours until we had our interviews and speeches due. So, we went out to eat at this place:

Warning: Do not go here.
It's a buffet that tastes like it needs to have been replaced three days ago. xD
And the burgers were so salty!
But, either way, this was the place that we practiced our speeches at and got dressed at. (Sorry, I completely failed to get a picture of me in my suit. :P Oops.)

We are the C's, We are the Awesome.

After we arrived back at the tournament, about 6 or so, we continued to practice before heading off to our designated speech/interview rooms.

I did Speech first, and I did below average. I knew it, which was a plus, but I failed to keep pace well. I was nervous enough that I was speeding through each of my paragraphs in hopes of just remembering everything than actually giving a good performance. I also went under by seven seconds, causing an automatic 70 point deduction. :[

Impromptu was decent I suppose. I talked about my mother and how she would be the person that I would want to take with me if I won a scholarship to South Korea. xD

Interview was so much easier because all you have to do is answer questions, be friendly, and have a sense of intelligence about you. I had three really great judges that I had a lot of laughs with. :] I was super confident with myself here.

At the end of the night we were all pretty proud of ourselves.


Jessica-B Alex-C Together we make: Team Estrogen!

Me and Jeremiah, who was my person that I said to be "most admired" during interview. My judges claimed I should marry him. xD

Me and Litch of course.

After taking our group picture, we found this glorious picture of Little Richard on the wall, and Mr. May, well...

Our coaches are pretty much fantastic.

My favorites. :)

Disheartened Maki. :)

We got home around 8:30 and were told not to stay up too late studying.
I watched Greys Anatomy and Nip/Tuck while going over my History notes. Hahahaha.

I will update later today with how the second day of the tournament went. Need to get ready for work. :)
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Talk back soon.

ETA: Here I am, five hours later and now in San Antonio.
All is well, I guess, except we're not sure if we're even going to...you know...stay since the storm is still all over us. :/

I want my dog. ;-;

ETA: Day Two of Evacuation and I am happy to say that my Mom and Sister are here now.
Unfortunately I was forced to leave my Dog with my Father, who said he would take her when he left.
And he has decided to not come at all.

So my Dad and Dog are in the line of fire.

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